BK Climbers is a climbing club offering climbing related activities for people of any age to get the most out of climbing. Our mission is to develop and improve the knowledge and practice of bouldering in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Our home gyms are Boulderkeskus’ gyms in Konala, Herttoniemi and Suomenoja in Espoo. Founded in 2014, BK Climbers is a member of the Finnish Climbing Association (SKIL). 

We are most passionate about offering climbing opportunities for kids. In our junior climbing groups, there are about 150 climbers every season and some of our young climbers from the goal-oriented groups can even be found in the Finnish National Team! BK Climbers has a variety of great instructors and coaches, supported by the Boulderkeskus coaching team.

Anyone interested in climbing can join BK Climbers! 

BK Climbers membership benefits

Joining BK Climbers comes with some great membership benefits!

All benefits:

  • Climbing insurance offered by the Finnish Climbing Association and provided by Pohjola Vakuutus.  Terms of Insurance can be found on SKIL’s website.

  • Biannual Finnish Kiipeily-lehti climbing magazine

  •  20x climbing pass at  Boulderkeskus for the price of 15 times

  •  Saunashifts and outdoor climbing sessions with club members

  • By joining BK Climbers you support Finnish climbing and most importantly junior climbing!

BK Climber’s annual fee in 2022 is 75€ – and it includes all the benefits mentioned above! As junior climbing is the passion of BK Climbers, nearly all the proceeds are used to fund and improve the junior climbing activities. You can also support BK Climbers by becoming a support member! The annual fee of support members is 25€ / year. 

Guidelines for members

The payment link for the membership fee will be sent to you via email. You will get information on the membership benefits and such on a separate email. Your membership and the benefits (i.a. the insurance) will come into effect once you have paid the membership fee. Your membership will be valid until the end of the calendar year. A new membership invoice will be sent automatically to all members at the end of the year.

The climbing insurance provided by the Finnish Climbing Association will be valid until the end of next years’ January (from the payment day).

The proof of your membership is the payment receipt so keep it safe! In case of an accident, show the receipt at Pohjola Hospital to get care. 


BK Climbers’ junior groups are climbing and training in the spring and autumn semesters in groups of 10-12 climbers under the supervision of 1-2 adult instructors. The groups have about 20 training sessions per semester. The duration of the session is 60 min for kids aged 6-8 and 90 min for older kids. If the weather permits, some sessions will be held outdoors. 

We recommend newcomers to try climbing with their parents before joining a group! For more info, please send a message to bk.climbers@gmail.com

What are the junior groups like?

In the junior groups, we climb, learn to move and do climbing-related exercises. The training isn’t dead serious, having fun is the most important thing! With BK Climbers, kids learn the basics of bouldering so that they can start climbing in a fun and safe way. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t climbed before, you are always welcome to the group to try.

Groups, schedule and price 2022

We are now offering junior groups for English speakers as well!

Spring season begins on January 10th 2022 and ends on the week of May 23rd.

There are no practice during the winter holiday 21.2.  – 25.2., Easter Monday 18.4. and Ascension day 26.5.

ENGLISH GROUP: BK Espoo, 6 – 8 -yo Mon 16.00 – 17.00 | Jigglypuff |  FULL

ENGLISH GROUP: BK Espoo, 9 – 12 -yo Mon 17.00 – 18.30 | Snorlax |

ENGLISH GROUP: BK Espoo,  6 – 8 -yo Wed 16.00 – 17.00 | Arbok |

Join an English junior group for 200€ / semester

To join a group, you need to be a member of BK Climbers or another climbing association (because of the insurance). You can sign up for the club and join a junior group by filling up the same form.

If you cannot find a suitable group for your child, feel free to make a suggestion (age group and gym) to bk.climbers(at)gmail.com. 

We have multiple groups in Finnish in Herttoniemi, Espoo and Konala. You can find the groups here.

Further info on spring season 2022 registration can be found here.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@boulderkeskus ja @bkclimbers) and remember to check the news on Boulderkeskus website (www.boulderkeskus.com) so you don’t miss any updates!