Great news! We have opened two new kids’ groups in Espoo for Mondays starting on the 6th of September. The first group, ‘Jigglypuff’ is for 6 – 8 -year-olds at 16.00 – 17.00 and the second one, ‘Snorlax’, is for 9 – 12 -year-olds at 17.00 – 18.30. The groups will be held in English.

These groups are suitable for beginners and for kids with already some climbing experience – our instructor will make sure everyone will get to climb on their own level! The purpose is to have fun and to climb and learn about technique as well as other motor skills via games and specific exercises suitable for the age of the group – all this in a safe way! You are very welcome to come and try first – no need to immediately sign up for the whole autumn.

When: 6.9.-13.12.2021
Exceptions (no training) :
School holidays: 18.10. (Mon) – 22.10.2021 (Fri) and Independence day 6.12.

Location: Boulderkeskus Espoo, Niittyrinne 2 B, Suomenoja, Espoo

Price: 175€ for the Autumn + 75€ for the BK Climbers association’s membership (includes an insurance for bouldering)

Signing up: via the form here
Please sign up for both Liityn seuraan & Liityn junnuryhmään unless your child is already a a part of a climbing association. The form is still in Finnish but we will translate it asap. In all cases, you should always sign up via the form before coming to try and then let us know by email ( in case your child does not want to continue in the group.

Practical info: the group will meet next to the slide at the gym. Please bring with you suitable clothes for sport activities and a water bottle. The clothes should be changed on before the training begins. Climbing shoes will be available for all kids so no need to bring your own unless you have them. The instructor will create a Whatsapp group for all the parents for fast communication (e.g. if your child gets ill or if the group would be cancelled for some reason).  Questions about the association, billing or other things can be sent to! More information in English about the association can be found here!

Billing: we will only send the bill for the group (175€) in October. The membership of the association (75€) should be paid after the first training session if you decide to continue in the group. This will be sent to you soon (in one or two weeks) after the sign up.

Covid-19 info:
Please, do not come to the gym if you have the slightest of symptoms
– We have a strong mask recommendation for anyone over the age of 12
– The instructor will be wearing a mask and will take the group for a hand wash before and after training

– Please remind your kids that the same hygienic rules apply at the gym as everywhere else

A warm welcome to all of you! Please send any questions regarding the groups to

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